With a heart firmly rooted in service and leadership, I have dedicated the last 25 years not only to my family but also to empowering and uplifting my community. As a devoted wife and parent to two wonderful adult children, I have experienced the joys and challenges of family life, which have further fueled my passion for mentorship and advocacy.


My professional journey is marked by a successful 14-year tenure as the founder of a home healthcare agency in North County. This experience was more than a business venture; it was a mission to ensure healthcare is accessible and affordable, especially for the underserved communities. My understanding of the healthcare needs and my drive to be a voice for the voiceless have been the cornerstones of my career.

Beyond healthcare, I am a licensed Realtor in Missouri and a dedicated business owner. My entrepreneurial spirit is guided by a philosophy of unity, service, empowerment, and care. My goals are clear: to unite citizens ready to take responsibility for their neighborhoods, to serve diligently as an engaged and responsive leader, and to empower the community with the tools for success.

My approach is one of attentiveness, understanding, and compassion. I believe in listening intently, understanding the assignment at hand, and putting in the hard work necessary to create thriving communities. As a representative of District 67, my commitment is to cultivate an environment where new businesses flourish, career opportunities abound, and all residents can enjoy high-quality neighborhoods.

In every aspect of my life, I strive to embody the values of hard work, compassion, and care, always aiming to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around me.


My Vision

  • Unite: I aim to unite our diverse community, fostering strong connections.
  • Empower: I’m dedicated to empowering our citizens, creating opportunities, and supporting local businesses.
  • Serve: As your Representative, I promise to be responsive and advocate for a thriving District 67.



  • Accessible healthcare for all.
  • Support for homeowners, renters, and small businesses.
  • Advocate for working families.
  • Strengthening our community ties.